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"This is the most exciting day of my life...and I was pulled on stage once to dance at a Bruce Springsteen concert."
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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Different Strokes

As I continue my quest to find individuals in pursuit of like minded blogging, I have noticed 10 different categories of blogs...or at least I've made 10 different categories because it seemed like a good, solid number.

1. Documentary blogs:
Blogging about their jobs (or lack thereof), search for the perfect guy/girl, diet, trip you're name it.

2. Breakup/I-Love-You-So-Much Blogs:
These blogs are predominantly brimming over with poetry and blurry pictures of current loves or loves lost. There is a lot of "I talked to Josh today and it was a GOOD conversation..." type of stuff. These are the blogs that read more like suicide notes or pleas for help.

3. Informational Blogs:
Blogs whose sole purpose is to post on a singular topic or topics of note (i.e. dissatisfaction with the Bush administration, techie news, Lord of the Rings deleted scene info, recently found on a crumpled up napkin at Denny's type of thing).

4. Ahh Such is Life Blogs:
These people like writing about their day to day tribulations and that's OK with them. They ate noodles...they want us to know about it. They crashed their car...they want us to know about too. Basically no blog topic is too big or too small.

5. Blogs That Redefine the Way We Blog (Or Are Supposed to Anyway):
These blogs are the ones you see under blogs of note. They're not your typical blog. They WILL change you. Reading them WILL make you a better person. Think of these as the Academy Award Winners of blogging.

6. International Blogs:
They are in different languages. I can't read them. They might fall under some of the categories already listed, who knows?

7. Picture Blogs:
There are lots of pictures of people I don't know. I suppose this is a nice way to communicate with friends. If you're not one of THEM though, the point is lost on you.

8. Random Blogs:
These blogs are mostly created by the average teenager. You know this because they are more concerned with making the letters different sizes, and adding asterisks and such than actually posting anything. Most of the time they are named after equally random song lyrics like "**AnD Im ABoUT tO BReak!@** Sometimes the content varies and they aren't created by teenagers. Occassionally I read these because they have funny titles like "The Lives of Horses". Then when I realize it really is actually only about the lives of horses. I move on.

9. Boredom Blogs:
These people don't really write much of anything. Suddenly, they'll post one day with a title something to the effect of "HEY GUYS...I'M BACK!!!"

10. Satire Blogs:
I guess this blog is an example of a satire blog, although it's not really a true satire. Most of the time these blogs are commenting on other people's common sense, or lack thereof. These blogs are my favorite...but I am a little biased.



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