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Monday, June 28, 2004

I Went To Atlantic City And All I Got Was This Stupid Blog Entry

Maybe your friends aren't necessarily the people who know you the best, they are merely the people who got there first.

As many (I love how I throw around the word "many") of you already know, the bachelorette party to end all bachelorette parties went down this weekend. Suffice it to say plans changed more than Jennifer Lopez's marital status...and I'm still using the term "plans" loosely here.

We ended up heading down to AC in the AM at the bride's request in order to get some fun in the sun time in. Of course, Mr. Golden Sun wasn't really on our side because it was overcast nearly our entire time on the beach. So after a few hours we decided to have a drink and then head back to the room to start to get ready for dinner, since we had six girls and one shower and girls were NOT in one shower at the same time...sickos.

Now, there's something else you need to know. The bachelor portion of this particular group were also in AC, just at a different casino. It's also good to note that four of the girls (including the bride) had significant others at the bachelor shindig.

Even before we went down there, a few of the girls were continously trying to think of ways to have the parties meet up ...cause wouldn't that be GREAT? How many different ways can I say this is just a horrible idea? NOBODY wanted this to happen except for those few girls. Seriously, I even text messaged God on this one and he said it was a no go.

So the girls decide to do the next best thing. They will call the guys every hour, just to see what they are up to. Let it also be stated for the record, that nearly EVERYTHING the guys could be up to was WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.

1. The guys were going to go to Hooters for dinner.
GUESS AGAIN: The one girl wouldn't "allow" her fiance to dine there.

2. One guy was going to get a stripper for the event.
WHEN HELL FREEZES OVER: Same girl (who herself is getting married in 6 months) said she herself doesn't want her fiance to have a bachelor party and if he does, she needs to have it six months prior in order to book recovery time (seriously, I can't even make this shit up.)

3. The guys were going to go drink and dance at a club.
YOU ARE WRONG, SIR: Drinking? Ok. Dancing? With another woman somewhere in the room? Absolutely not! In fact, anything where you had to even talk to another girl, think about another girl, look at another girl in ANY capacity is out of the question.

4. The guys were going to gamble.
OK, BUT: You BETTER not gamble more than x amount of dollars and you BETTER not lose x amount of dollars and think about the money you are spending because this is our future that is on the line....

5. The one guy...are you ready for this? Smoked...a cigar!
His fiance's reaction: I'm sorry, did somebody have a baby?

Here's where the double standard comes:

1. The girls are allowed to go wherever they want for dinner.

2. The girls are allowed to flirt, drink and dance with WHOMEVER they want to AND never talk about the fact that they are taken.

3. The girls can gamble as much as they want to for as long as they want to.
Because in their mind, they can be trusted to bet wisely, although at least one of them still finds balancing her checkbook "burdensome".

This brings me back to my original statement. I have known the bride and her sister forever now. In many ways I see them as the sisters I never had. But, the older I get, the more I realize that I couldn't be more the opposite of these girls.

My philosophy:

1. Weddings are all the same. Dare to be different. Not different for different's sake mind you but for the love of God, and for the amount of money you are spending (which in itself isn't necessary) it's OK, in fact, probably better, to drift away a bit from the norm.

2. Give your man a little breathing room. If you can't trust your guy enough to be alone with other women for a few hours than you SHOULDN'T be getting married. Not to mention the fact that said guy is probably more likely to be tempted by the fruit of another at a club or bar than any girl hired hired for whatever amount of money an hour. And if he IS the type who is going to cheat, he will cheat anyhow no matter WHAT you do so give it up.

3. In the immortal words of Offspring (Man, I never thought I'd quote these guys)..."you gotta keep 'em seperated". There is a reason there are bachelor AND bachelorette parties. It's your last hurrah. No there's no need to see or talk to your significant other on that night. Put down the phone. You will see them tomorrow. For the night let the guys be guys and the girls be girls. If your guy's idea of "letting go" is something extreme that freaks you out yet again I say, YOU ARE PROBABLY MARRYING THE WRONG GUY.

4. Consider your friends. As I said earlier, weddings can be EXPENSIVE. Try to keep in mind that not everyone wants to have to pay off bridal activities in monthly installments. And that goes for the married couple as well. Why waste thousands of dollars one day? Cut back a little, get creative and save that money for the aftermath, also known as YOUR ACTUAL LIFE.

If anyone has something old or even something new to add, feel free.



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