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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Is This Thing On?

A reality TV per request.

Lately I have become a reality TV conspiracy theorist. I find myself watching, if only to look for all that is so not real with the so-called reality.

Since summer TV usually gives me the doldrums, I find there is little or nothing to watch when nighttime rolls around. Last summer though I did pick up a weekly habit of watching NBC's Last Comic Standing.
Call me
  • naive

  • but at the time, I was actually still in the "gee golly" mindset of thinking the best person SURELY will win. But I have been through too many reality disappointments and setups since. This year I returned OLDER, WISER and yet still watching...


    So, this season I tune in, full well knowing there was a little controversy surrounding the (ahem) casting of the show. For those of you who don't know, LCS (I'm abberviating not to be hip, but to save space and time, k?) is a reality show hosted by Jay Mohr where they allegedly scour the country in search for the funniest, in a relatively unknown sense, person in America. Last year's winner was Dat Phan. Last year's losers were ALL also ten times funny than...Dat Phan.

    In an effort to avoid a repeat of Dat Phan's triumph, NBC exec's decided to get smart. In a full proof plan, they held their nationwide search. However, in an interesting twist of events they picked the 10 least interesting, but more importantly LEAST FUNNY COMEDIANS they could have, and put them in a house together. People of which by the way it was obvious they had pre selected even before traipsing across America. Of course we have yet to see who will have the last laugh, not to mention the first actual joke.

    What happens when you get 10 struggling comics in a house together? Apparently ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. The funny thing is they picked people who were already like sorta famous in a you've-seen-their-faces-but-you-don't-know-their-names-and-laughed-here-and-there-but-never-expected-to-see-them- again-EVER-kinda-way."

    Take my personal fave, Ant.

    Here's my problem with Ant. All, and I mean ALL, Of his humor revolves around one topic and one topic only, himself and his sexuality. I don't care who you are, if you're humor is situational then YOU are not funny. Sure you might have some good jokes, but a good joke or two does not a funny PERSON make. (By the way, if anyone has Jeff Foxworthy's email, I'd like to cc him on this.)

    Here's the other problem: What is up with the lack of good female comediannes out there? Are we to believe Tammy "the mobster" Pescatelli, Kathleen "the mother type" Madigan, and Bonnie "the skuzzy twenty something chick" McFarlane are SERIOUSLY the funniest, unsigned female acts? As Hall and Oates once said, "Say It Isn't So!"

    Some have said that the show was cast based on the drama factor or basically, who would cause the most problems in the house. See it's ironic cause FINALLY there's something that's funny. Hell, if I wanted to see that I wouldn't have been watching what I THOUGHT was supposed to be the search for America's funniest new comedian/ne.

    I guess the joke's on me.



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