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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Sad, Martyr-Like Songs Say So Much

A few months ago, I came up with a theory. The music we like, or more specifically, the songs we like, are often a very good indication of the kind of person we are attracted to.

I know what you are thinking. This is not exactly ground breaking stuff. But hear me out and then feel free to tell me I'm full of it, k?

I started looking at some of the songs that I have personally found the most romantic over the years. Songs like Wild Horses, Jealous Guy and Angel Eyes, or my most recent addition to the messed up collection, The Reason. Looking at all the lyrics, I noticed one common theme: The girl saves and/or inspires the guy in some way. And then it hit me.

I am that girl.

Or at least I've spent a good portion of my life trying to be.

As if these songs weren't proof enough, I then looked at one of my favorites of all the time, a song I always said I would love to have as my wedding song one day. I guess I should have picked up on the problem when I picked the song before I picked the guy. I've even taken the liberty of highlighting some key phrases that support this claim.

I Love You- Climax Blues Band

When I was a younger man, I hadn't a care
Foolin' around, hitting the town, growing my hair
You came along and stole my heart when you entered my life
Ooh babe you got what it takes so I made you my wife

Since then I never looked back
It's almost like living a dream
And ooh I love you

You came along from far away and found me here
I was playin' around, feeling down, hittin' the beer
You picked me up from off the floor and gave me a smile
You said you're much too young, your life ain't begun, let's walk for awhile

And as my head was spinnin' 'round
I gazed into your eyes
And thought ooh I want you

Thank you babe for being a friend
And shinin' your light in my life
'cause ooh I need you

As my head was comin' round
I gazed into your eyes
And thought ooh I want you

Thanks again for being my friend
And straightenin' out my life
'cause ooh I need you

Since then I never looked back
It's almost like livin' a dream
Ooh I got you

If ever a man had it all
It would have to be me
And ooh I love you

Suddenly my love life made perfect sense. I'm obviously attracted to "wounded birds", and the evidence is all right there in the lyrics. I don't go ga ga for normal love songs like From This Moment or Endless Love. Songs that reflect a well-balanced, well-adjusted love affair. A corny and sappy relationship, but a well-adjusted bunch all the same.

Oh no.

I gotta go for the guys who are on the brink of disaster and try to bring 'em back

...unsuccessfully I might add.



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