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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Bachelorette Tirade: A Redux

All you die hards out there might recall a post or two I wrote awhile back about wedding party woes.

Those same, select few, might also recall that when I wrote about it all then, I said that I would probably revisiting the topic in the not so distant future as I had another wedding coming up in a few months.

Well kids, guess what time it is?

Ok, so the next wedding (which THANK GOD I am NOT in) isn't until December, but all the extra "goodies" have already started. This weekend is the alleged bachelorette party. I used the word "alleged" because personally, I don't think you can call it a true bachelorette party if the bride was involved in...every...step...of...the...planning.

Not only that, but the bride has a full fledged itinerary of things to do on the said day. It goes a little something like this.

Daytime- go to spa
Dinnertime- go out to eat
After dinner- comedy club
After, after dinner- bar
After, after, after dinner- stay over in a hotel

The schedule didn't surprise me much given the chosen festivities of last time. It also didn't surprise me that there have been a TON of roadblocks along the way.

1. The bride told everyone she wanted the bachelorette party in sheep's clothing to take place the first weekend in October. Only problem was she didn't realize that the first weekend in October meant the 2nd, not the 9th as she must have bought her calendar from the bargain bin and thus this must account for the newly developed three week month.

This problem seems easy enough to fix, right? Wrong. See the bride is ATTACHED AT THE HIP to her intended, so much so that although they wouldn't be together for eachother's events, she wanted her event to be the same day as his event...more so for accountability purposes than anything else.

So she insisted, at first, that her party had to stay the 9th...although in actuality it never really was the 9th anyplace else but in her mind. This in turn caused an all out war between the bridal party and other miscellaneous fringe friends who had planned for that day, one of which had already bought tickets to fly in from California.

Finally, the bride realized how silly she was being and "changed" the date back.

Now before you go thinking how nice it was of the bride to compromise, put yourself in the shoes of a jealous, possessive fiance, and then maybe, maybe you will find a way to figuring out her motives.

Changing the date was no problem see, because now that frees up the guys to MEET UP with the girls on the 2nd! And all is right with the world! Yeah!

2. But then the bridal party got wind of this plan and suddenly decided that they didn't see the point in putting out all the money for the Woodstock of weddings, and decided to 3 way call the bride to boycott. Now we have five sub events in the making, four cars a taking, three disgruntled bridesmaids, 2 possessive lovebirds...

and a partridge named... me.



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