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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Rome Wasn't Built In A Day. Neither Was A Simple Piece of Office Furniture.

Having a week off from work has its advantages. You get to stay up later, sleep in later, make appointments, get ahead on the week to come, and my favorite, sit around and do NOTHING. Then are the things that, if you are like me, you don't normally get to that you finally do like clean, winterize your closet (there are two very distinctive wardrobes at play) and blog. This week has been a smorgasboard of all of the above since my school is on fall break. Of course then there are the things that you didn't plan for, but that you somehow end up tackling anyway. This is the category I fell into today.

But let me start where most good stories should- at the beginning. My father is an accountant for a mattress company. The plant is going bye bye the beginning of next year, and along with it goes my dad's job. So he did what any last minute employee of a mattress company woud do; he bought new mattresses. For an employee of a mattress company, the things are normally a steal. Now add to the fact that they want the things to move- fast and they were even cheaper. In fact, this has always been a perk of my dad's jobs. When I was little, he was an accountant for Revlon and so all the women in our family got free or discounted makeup. Unfortunately, being under the age of 10, I lost out on that one. Then he went to DelMonte which was cool because I got all the free fruit juice a girl could ever want for her lunchbox.

Currently, my single self is still living under my parents roof and occupying a twin bed. But considering I'd like to move out sometime this century, we're all being optimistic and springing for the queen size bed now so that I have it when I need it... later.

But in the meantime, I have to fit this queen size bed into my current bedroom. In order to do this, some Trading Spaces-ish reorganization had to take place. You should know, my bedroom is a decent size. You should also know, however, that there is A LOT of stuff in my bedroom. I even have a couch that turns into a bed that all of my friends wanted to pay me money for growing up. It would have been out of my room ages ago, but they can't get it out. Mind you years ago, even before this room was my bedroom they somehow got it IN. Don't ask. Anyway, I'm the girl who hates clutter so this irks me to no end.

Also on the ever-growing list of "What's In Janet's Bedroom"?" is a computer desk. On the computer desk is a, you guessed it, computer! On the computer chair, however, is...another computer (bet you didn't see that one coming, did ya?) See the desktop computer, a Compaq, occupies the desk, but a laptop (the computer I really use) occupies the chair. I really only use the Compaq to print things out...well until, a few weeks ago that is. Now the Compaq "doesn't like to stay on". Whatever. I'm so over you Compaq.

But back to the desk. The desk is HUGE. So I got a smaller one months ago that was never put together and now it needs to be...with the bed coming and all. Still with me? Good.

So, the reason the desk has been sitting in its box for months is because my father was going to put it together. But Bob Vila he ain't. In fact, he's not even a guy who watches Bob Vila with a gee golly how did he do that kind've curiosity. As a result, dad dreads, curses and swears his way through assembling or setting up anything. The new computer desk was no exception although it finally got assembled and put into my room last night.

Great. Problem solved right? Well, not quite. See the desk comes with a hutch which is neat because it's good for storage, which I need. But sighing and sweating his way through assembling the desk, dad decides he wants to forego the hutch.

So today, I wake up and I decide I'm going to try to finish what dad started. I reorganize the wires, hook up my printer (go me!) and get most everything the way to to work as it should. Feeling pretty confident, I decide to go ahead and tackle the computer hutch. It's not THAT big.

I mean really. How hard can it be?

Attach this do-hicky to that do-hicky. Got it.
Screw the other thingamig into this thingamig. 10-4.

Everything was going swimmingly...until I started to move the thing around. I'm no expert, but I don't think shelves and such should pop out as you go to add something else. Yet, this is what kept happening. Over. And Over. And OVER.

I didn't get it. I had a hammer. I hammered in the morning and almost into the evening. I tightened until I couldn't tighten anymore. But gosh darnit the thing...would not...stay...together!!! So close, yet so far away.

So, finally, I did what any self-respecting daughter of a man who hates assembling things would do. I "took apart" what I had assembled, throwing pieces left and right, packed it all up again and said to myself, "Maybe I really don't need the hutch after all."

And once again, I learn something new about myself today. I might not know how to put things together, but I know how to pack it all up again like nobody's business.



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