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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Baby, Remember My Name

So I gotta ask, is anybody out there watching this season of American Idol?

Like a moth to a flame, I am inexpiclably obsessed with this show. I know they drag it on too damn long. I know there are only so many ways you can sing "Isn't She Lovely". I also know that Simon's sensationalistic hijinks are merely a ploy to get more viewers. Guess what? I. Don't. Care.

First off, I dig the fact that AI upped the anty this year and let "older folks" have a go. I also think counting Randy Jackson's mention of the word "dawg" and "you worked it out, you did your thang" is a great drinking game in the making.

I am, however, a little worried. By this time with both the first and second season, I had hands down, chosen both Kelly and Clay. Last year I had trouble doing that and last year, as a whole, sucked. I'm hoping that this season does not go the same way. Still, as always, I managed to have a few favorites lined up. Of course, I can only work with what they gave me. Every year when the semi-finalists are announced, I have a few that I have to pause and say: Huh? Who?

Yes, Aloha Mischeaux I'm talking about YOU.

Although it's early, here's my first impressions on a few of the performers I believe will make it to the top 12:

Anthony Fedorov- I like Anthony's voice but Anthony has the odds stacked against him already, fighting off the rabid "I'm Not Clay, though I play him on tv" remarks. Sure, he's a slightly nerdy white guy who wears glasses and has the voice of an angel. Unfortunately, no matter how good Anthony is, I think America will have a hard time voting him number one and poor Anthony, will have a hard time disassociating himself from the Clay clone title.

Anwar Robinson- Anwar gets bonus points for being a teacher from NJ just like someone else you all know and love. :) Anwar teaches music, so he should know a thing or two about control. He's also always so happy and mellow. It will make him a natural in the top 12, but Eric Carmen wants to know, does he have hungry eyes?

Constantine Maroulis- At first, Constantine was just another white guy rocker whose most unusual quality was his name. But they've spent a fair amount of time on this dude's backstory which makes me think he will inch out fellow rocker, Bo Bice to make it into the top 12. Why? Because he's prettier and as we all know, every top good top anything needs a good sex symbol. Oh and he can sing too. I particularly loved when he broke it down, Backstreet style at the auditions. Bonus points for diversity, big C.

David Brown- Also known as, the other happy black guy. So far we've seen David crying in church and almost shed a tear or two ourselves. This kid's got "overcoming the odds" written all over him. Unfortunately, I don't think David has American Idol winner writtten on him, but I do think he has finalist magic markered somewhere in his tighty whities.

Mario Vazquez- At first I thought wait. Why did Wilmer Valderamma of of That 70's Show go and enter American Idol? Then I realized these guys were actually two seperate people. Mario will make it because quite simply, he oozes self confidence. Plus so far he's shown he's talented and at age 27, he's way past the days of making it with Menudo.

Scott Savol- One of these things is not like the others! I like Scott's voice. He's an enigma because his look does not match his sound. This in itself, should carry him a long way. Only truth be told, I'm a little scared of Scott. This could be because he looks a little like Taylor Pruitt Vince, who, incidentally is a great actor who unfortunately often plays total psychos.

So there's my top 6 guys, or at least the 6 I think will make it, my opinion aside. The girls, however, I'm having a bit more trouble with:

Carrie Underwood- I'm saying it now. If Carrie doesn't mess up, I predict she'll be in the top 5, if not the top 3. She's like raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. I'm a bit afraid, however, that she's going to fall into the "dumb blonde" category, given the evidence thus far. I also suspect Simon to throw a few controversial, "You're very pretty and talented, but could stand to lose 10 pounds" comments her way. Regardless, this is a girl who can turn the world on with her smile.

Mikalah Gordon- ....will make it. And she will both annoy and intrigue America as they have a love/hate relationship with her for at least the first 6 weeks of the competition. Incidentally, I loved Mikalah's act. The first time. When I saw a young Barbra Streisand in Funny Lady.

Vonzell Solomon- Who are we kidding? This competition is going to be down to Vonzell and someone else. You know it. I know it. In fact, the only thing that *might* hurt Vonzell is that Fantasia won last year. Still, she's definietly going to be the reigning diva to beat.

Right now, I'm withholding judgment on the other three girls as I don't feel I have enough to go on. I want to say I remember Lindsey Cardinale and Sarah Mather being good, but I might be inadvertently messing up my nondescript, just under the radar, white chicks. I'm also afraid that I don't remember Amanda Avila because she really wasn't that good, but merely good to look at and thus, well get through only to be one of the first few casualties. I could be wrong though.

This week should provide more of an indication on whether I'm right or completely off.

If you're also watching, feel free to hedge your bets (and your heckling) along with me.



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