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"This is the most exciting day of my life...and I was pulled on stage once to dance at a Bruce Springsteen concert."
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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Color Me There

The other day, B2 over at Toner Mishap posted the bestest news I've heard in...well, a long time.

Apparently, there is a strong possibility that a Pretty In Pink 2 is in the works. He heard it from a friend who, heard from a friend who, heard it from another the brat pack just might be back in town.

In efforts not to get prematurely ga ga, I tried to confirm this with the online bible of media,Internet Movie Database. Unfortunately, nothing is listed on there as of yet. :( So until it, is, all I can chalk this up to is speculation.

But, IF indeed, there is a Pretty In Pink reunion with most, if not all the cast members and director John Hughes on board, I am there like white on rice.

I don't care if it's been twenty years.
I don't care if this is probably even more bittersweet for the actors then it is for me.
I don't give a damn that I have NO IDEA what the plot will be.

I'm just psyched, in theory, so let me have this moment.

Now, I don't know about you, but Pretty In Pink 2 just isn't cutting it for me. So, what do you think the title should be?

And, if you're a fan, pitch me a plot line while you're at it...



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