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"This is the most exciting day of my life...and I was pulled on stage once to dance at a Bruce Springsteen concert."
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Monday, June 27, 2005

If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em

Some of you might have noticed that I never do memes. Others of you might not have noticed and still might not care either way, and that's ok too. I have seen entire blogs become consumed, CONSUMED I tell you by the meme writing and the tagging and all of that. I never wanted to be one of those bloggers, especially since I still haven't had the time to respond to questions asked to me inspired by this post , which is incidentally my two birds with one stone way of acknowledging that I will get to that, too.

But I suppose a meme, when used in moderation can be one of those "less filling, but still tastes great" type of posts. If not, I guess we'll see because I was tagged by Ginny and even before that, Nominal Me. I will attempt to complete my tagging duties now mainly because I 1. like to acknowledge when people tag me 2. Hate the off chance of being cursed in any way, shape or form if I don't fulfill my obligations. Of course, if there's a time constraint on these types of things, it wouldn't matter because I'd be long gone now anyhow.

First, Nominal Me's Four Movie Questions

Total number of films I own:

There is just no easy way to answer this question. I tried to do the raw calculations and I believe the answer is 403. But I don't own, own all of them. I have most of them on tape. I can't tell you for sure how many of them I actually own as in a "took off the shrink wrapping and cursed my way through the security nonsense" sense.

The last film I bought:
Another technicality. The last films I purchased for myself were all in my long term quest to move everything I have as a copy on VHS over to DVD. I bought The Cutting Edge, Sleepless In Seattle, Say Anything and As Good As It Gets.

The last film I watched:
I watched Beyond The Sea last night. I give Kevin Spacey lots of credit for his musical renditions and his let's bring back the old time musical ambitions, but not credit for much else.

Five favorite films I either watch frequently or that mean a lot to me:
This is so hard, you know it's killing me, right? Some Kind of Wonderful (fave film of all time), That Thing You Do (second fave film of all time), Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Pretty In Pink and ET.

It's two, two, two meme's in one! Now on to Ginny's Childhood Meme.

5 Things I Miss About My Childhood (in no particular order)

1. Birthday and block parties.

Kids birthday parties are the best. For one thing, they usually have some sort of theme or cool kid place like Chuck E. Cheese or anyone's pool. But the best part? You always got a rockin' goodie bag at the end.

2. Summers down the shore.

When I was little, we used to go down to Surf City or Wildwood every summer. Then when I was old enough to drink, I'd go down to Sea Isle with a friend of mine who had a house down there.

3. Watching cheesy eighties movies and listening to cheesy eighties music for the first time.

While I still am known to indulge my guilty pleasures more often than not, there's still nothing like hearing songs like "Easy Lover" and remembering clutching the wall at the roller skating rink as I tried to get my footing. Oh and these were the days when MTV still played music videos. Not only music videos, but videos that TOLD A STORY. Ahh, memories.

4. The excitement of getting my new teacher's name in the mail.

Yes, I was a dork. But I loved finding out who my new teacher was going to be a few weeks before school started. I'd also get to go shopping for new clothes and start to have dreams about what my first day would be like. I would then proceed to call all of my friends to see who their teachers were. If we didn't have the same teachers, those dreams were quickly shattered.

5. No responsibility or real worries.

People always say you don't know what you got till it's gone. I was always a worrier, even when there was nothing to worry about. But if I could give my 8 year old self a good talking to, I'd tell her that worrying doesn't do you any good. Besides, you have plenty of adult years for all of that.

Now there's only one thing left to do, tag others and keep the meme(s) alive!:

For the movie meme I tag: Ginny, Pratt, Monty and The Delawarean.

For the childhood meme I tag: Nominal Me, Supine, Judy and Cav.

Of course, if you haven't been officially tagged, feel free to take this meme and torture other busy bloggers with it anyhow.

There. My work here is done.:)



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