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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Writing The Wrongs

Ok, so the Random House thing was a false alarm (no offense, Jerry). Move along people, nothing to see here.

Then again, at least I can say my name has ended up in print.

Some of you might recall my latest (God I can't believe I just said "latest") brush with the law. The court date for this issue, by the way, is rapidly approaching as it is just under a week away. I called the cop who swore to "help me out in any way possible" but he never returned my calls. I have my witness, a co-worker, going with me though as backup.

In the meantime, I decided not to just sit by and do nothing. So I did the only thing I know how to do; I wrote a letter to the local newspaper. Below you will you see the letter I wrote and they printed. Since it's been printed I've had a few teachers come up to me, teachers in a huge school I never talk to, commending me for writing it and one even suggested starting a petition on the matter.

But to bring the letter up when I'm in court or not to bring the letter up? That is the question...

Stop! Look! Listen! Get a Light! (Thankfully, the only thing about this article that isn't mine)

I am a teacher who works in the _________ school system. On Oct. 18, I was leaving school and traveling down ______ Street. At the end of ________ Street, I proceeded to make a full stop at the stop sign before making a left onto ______ Street, just as I do every weekday.

I made the left and was in my lane, only to suddenly feel impact. I did not see any vehicle before or during the impact, only afterward when we pulled over to assess the damage. Thankfully the damage to both vehicles was relatively minor and no injuries were incurred. This still did not stop the attending police officer from issuing a ticket since I was turning and, therefore, decidedly did not have the right of way at the time of the accident.

As a teacher in the town, I am extremely concerned about the safety of intersections such as these. I know that I made a full and complete stop and naturally looked both ways. I also know that this street constantly has cars exiting via numerous side streets and filled parking spaces, which also, by the way, severely manage to impede vision. Highly traveled, residential intersections like this one are prevalent in _______. Yet although the intersection has a high traffic volume, there is no traffic light. As a result I have been told unavoidable accidents have occurred at this stop.

Not only is there constant traffic occurring in both directions, especially at peak times such as morning and afternoon rush hour, this particular stop is less than a mile away from a school, an elementary school nonetheless. Pedestrians, including minors, cross at this intersection all the time without even a crossing guard in place.

I feel the safety of this intersection for both the visitors and residents of this community has become unnecessarily compromised by the absence of a traffic light. I whole-heartedly believe it is in the community's best interest to constantly reassess where traffic lights are necessary, if not for the welfare of the drivers, then for the better of the community and safety of the children.

Janet Branagan



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