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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Write Back Weekend "Live To Tell"

Thanks again for all the quick responses to the previous post. I do want to clarify something. The page you are viewing NOW is not the page that was there yesterday afternoon. Nearly all of the content is removed, not just the posts she stole. If it was just the question, as some of you pointed out, that would be inoffensive enough, but it wasn't. It was also two other posts, full of content, not questions.

She also, in her former blog, had other posts that she had seen somewhere else and had given credit to. So in my mind, she knew what she was doing, as she presumably knows how to give credit. She just didn't think she'd get caught. While I accept the apology and appreciate the retraction, I'm still left with a bad taste in my mouth. At the very least though, it's resolved.

On to greener pastures...The last few weeks have been bad blogging wise and I apologize. I just haven't had the time to update as readily as I wish I could. I want to thank the people though that continue to hang in there with me and visit. I know AOGB is a shadow of what it used to be, but hopefully, in time it will make a serious comeback, not unlike the career of John Travolta in the nineties.

They say things can change in a New York minute and last week's blog entries are evidence of this. Take for example the reason we are all here, to see my answer to this week's TITMT:

If you could have heard the deathbed confession of one person from history, who would you pick and why?

Now here's where it gets freaky. The day after posting this question I blogged about Kevin Bacon being a celebrity that gives back to the people. Of course to drive this point home I compared him first to celebrities who seem to think more of themselves. As a result, the opener from the post before this one was...Anna Nicole Smith created a website where she charged for people to get a glimpse into her life.

Stay with me here. Of course I couldn't know that when I wrote about Anna Nicole Smith in jest on Tuesday that she would then die two days later. I also couldn't know that my TITMT request of receiving a deathbed confession could technically tie into Anna Nicole Smith's death. I don't know if any of y'all are creeped out by this but it's ok, cause I'm sufficiently creeped out for all of us. As if all of this wasn't creepy enough, someone out there decided to try to steal my mojo on this very question and subsequent post.

So actually I thought about just saying that the deathbed confession I would most like to hear would be Anna Nicole Smith's but that would be a lie. For starters, I don't know what she'd be "confessing" to exactly. Maybe her baby's daddy? But honestly, I don't really care about what Anna Nicole has to say, dead, alive or somewhere in between, which is where she seemed to hover for most of her "life".

Understand that I know way am trying to speak ill of the dead. I'm just saying I didn't understand Anna Nicole while she was alive so I sure as hell don't expect to understand her any better now that she is gone. Of course the whole thing, her life and sudden death is equally sad in my eyes since she led a life of tragedy, not to mention the fact that leaves behind a love child whose paternity will probably be the question on everyone's lips for months to come, but I digress. After all, that is more time than I ever thought I'd spend on Anna Nicole on this blog, period.

So whose confession would I choose then? I'm still uncertain. I think the word "confession" is what trips me up. For instance, there are a slew of people I would love to talk to from beyond the grave. Elvis Presley would be intriguing. John F. Kennedy would be classic. Even Marilyn Monroe, arguably the Anna Nicole of her time, would be interesting. But then again not one of these people truly fall under the category of confessions.

There were so many celebrities that were taken away from us too soon because of drugs, alcohol, crashes, natural causes or even murder. But these people don't fall under the heading of confessions exactly. If I wanted to know more about Abraham Lincoln's death or JFK I suppose I should want the confession of those responsible for their deaths instead of the other way around. But at the same time, requesting some random crazy person's motives seems to be giving that person exactly what they wanted, never ending notoriety.

And then what about the people who we know personally who we never got closure with? Some of us chose fathers, grandmothers or other family members to speak to again. I don't have any skeletons in my closet, so I don't think I could choose any of these people either. That doesn't mean though that I wouldn't like to talk to family members who have passed on, it just doesn't fit the question entirely.

So as a result I decided that playing by the rules with this one was easier said than done. Call it a cop out if you will, but I can't think of any one person I'd like to talk to hear the confessions of. I think the confessions of the living are far more interesting. That being said, I guess you could say I'd like to hear the confessions of priests. After all, they hear a slew of interesting things and can't say anything about them. They have their own crosses to bear, and then some.

In the end, perhaps some things are better left unsaid. I mean they say that curiosity killed the cat, but really, only the cat knows for sure.

Maybe for some reason, it's meant to stay that way.



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