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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Write Back Weekend "Inquiring Minds Want To Know"

Last week's TITMT question is proof that you can aim too high. In an effort to incorporate meme requests I've been receiving, I decided to turn a meme into a TITMT question. This is how I discovered most of you felt the same way I did about memes; indifferent or uninterested. I can't say I blame you. If this wasn't my blog I don't know if I'd participate either.

On the bright side, since only a few people participated, it was easy for me to pick a few questions to answer. In fact, I choose one question from each person who participated. In some cases there was only one question. I think the rest is pretty self explanatory.

Sarah's Question:

If you were to become an author (and we all know what great writing skills you have), what would the title of your first work be?

A few years back I more or less tackled this topic in this post. In summation, (and no cop out intended), the title of my first work would probably be The Art of Getting By. In a way, I already consider this my first work. Whether there will ever be more remains to be seen.

Sayre's Question:

Do you still have friends from your childhood that you keep in regular contact with - and why? What do you have in common or what do you get out of the relationship?

It's funny that someone should ask this question right now as I was just having a conversation about this with an old childhood friend. I do have a few close friends who I have been friends with for years. Three of my friends I have known since the age of five. Another handful or so I have kept in contact with since high school, losing touch only to reconnect again recently. Then I have a few college friends, some I've kept in touch with consistently, others intermittently. In most cases, I have My Space of all places, to thank for the recent reunions.

As to why I kept in touch with some and not others depends on the relationship itself. I've always prided myself on being very good at keeping in touch with others. Unfortunately, not everyone shares that mentality. Some people just get really busy too once life gets in the way. What I don't like is thinking that I make friends of circumstance. Sure, I had high school in common with my high school friends and college in common with my college friends, etc, etc. But I like to believe that if you are truly friends with someone, your friendship should transcend specific time periods. I have learned though that where relationships go (or don't go, as the case may be) can be very telling sometimes.

What do I get out of keeping in touch with others? That's a hard one to answer. Sometimes I think I take friendships seriously since I don't come from a big family and I am an only child. I always felt like someone like me had to make my own family to make up for the siblings I didn't have.

Bob's Question:

1. What blog/podcast/blog do you read/listen/watch regularly that would surprise your readers?

One site I check a lot more since I've been engaged is The Knot. I consider it my wedding planning guide for dummies like me. With things like weddings, I seriously don't know how people got by before the internet. I like to lurk on the Central/North Jersey message boards there for local ideas, too. It's the type of site I never thought I'd frequent though. That's because it's almost as if all the sorority girls graduate college and move on to the Knot. There seems to be some drama, as tends to happen when you get a group of girls together, along with a few bridezilla like moments, but I've laid low for long enough that I can still manage to avoid the drama, and take away the good ideas.

Robin's Question:

If there was to be a movie made about your life who would play you?

Since I already answered this movie question not too long ago, I went with another one of Robin's choices.

If you were given a shopping spree for 1 day what would it be for? (doesn't have to be a store but can't pay off bills)

When I was a kid, there used to be a show on that I can't recall the name of right now. Anyway, for a certain amount of time kids were allowed to wander through the aisles of a store and pick up all the things they could in one big shopping spree. There were no rules. Just a time limit, a cart and an eager teen. Back then I thought that seemed like the coolest concept ever. Imagine just going crazy in any store of your choice. Growing up I would have picked a music store since I was so obsessed. But times have changed and so my focus has shifted, too.

Since Robin specified the money could be used for anything (except paying bills) I decided to dream big. I think I would buy a pool with a huge waterfall and slide. Attached to the pool would be a hot tub. Some might say these things should be two separate purchases. They would be wrong. Plus it's my fantasy. So there.

One day I actually do hope to get the pool of my dreams, but that day is still far off and it's going to take a lot of regular days to save up for the day I'll ultimately buy it. Buying a pool, unfortunately, is not something you just dive into.

Ha get it? Dive!?? I kill me!

Indecisive Woman's Question:

Do your fiance and your parents read this blog? If not What is one secret you are keeping from your fiance? What is one secret you are keeping from your parents?

I decided to combine these questions although they were asked separately. This is because I can answer them all easily, all at the same time. To answer the primary question, no my parents and fiance do not read this blog, at least I highly doubt it. They all do, however, know the blog exists. In the past my fiance has dabbled in reading the blog before. I don't believe my parents ever have. There's never been a strong interest in my writing from either of my parents. I know I have at least my mother's respect in terms of writing, but they aren't writers themselves, nor are they blog readers really.

As far as secret keeping, I guess I lead a pretty dull life. I'm sure there's something small I can say I'm keeping from any of them, but off hand I can't think of anything major. I'm pretty open with my decisions and my intentions. Sometimes I take hell for that, but it's ok cause I can handle the heat!



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