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Monday, February 18, 2008

Write Back Weekend "I Love It! I Love It! I Love It!"

In an attempt to somewhat honor Valentine's Day being last week, I decided to make the TITMT question about love. However I didn't really want to write about love in the traditional sense since somehow there was a been there, done that vibe about it.

So instead, in AOGB's grand tradition of list making, I decided to ask everyone about particular favorites. The favorites I chose were arbitrary and the first ones that came to my mind. That being said, if you decided to play along and wanted to take away or add as necessary, who am I to judge? You'll also notice that in my version of favorites, it is almost next to impossible to choose just one. I pluralized wherever I deemed fit so you can feel free to do the same.

Favorite Food(s)- My favorite foods have changed over the years, not unlike hairstyles or clothing trends. The food I most want also changes dependent upon the mood I'm in. There are some key ingredients though to the best foods for me. One, the spicier it is, the better it is. Two, the hotter it is in temperature, that's good too. Of course there are exceptions to this rule. For instance, good sushi is hands down, one of my favorite foods. I love to make it spicy by adding wasabi to the mix, but it's not the kind of food you want to eat warm. I also love salads that might have a warm ingredient or two added to it, but the salad itself need not be heated. My other favorite foods are soup and chicken, not necessarily in that order. Ethnicity wise I think I'd go with Chinese though I admit to being an equal opportunity eater. In fact, it's probably much easier to say what I don't like in this category, but I digress.

In a sub category, my favorite places to eat out would probably be a good diner (New Jersey is crawling with them) or Cheesecake Factory (though you have to go at an off time). I also have been known to enjoy indulging in a great Olive Garden meal from time to time as well as Indian, hibachi....

Favorite Movies- This is one category that you think would keep evolving, but I haven't really watched that many movies in the last ten years or so that I feel I have to own. I've been entertained, sure, but not to the point where they make a best of list. My favorite movie after all this time is still Some Kind of Wonderful which is now (gulp) twenty-one years old. My second favorite movie came out ten years later. That film is called That Thing You Do. Incidentally, my memories of this movie and every time I've watched it since have been known to release some sort of endorphins into my body. After that the lines get a little blurry as there are so many movies I have loved over the years all for different reasons. I was always a huge fan of eighties teen angst so movies like For Keeps, Pretty in Pink and Say Anything definitely would make the top ten, too. Then again, I could seriously go on and on here.

Favorite Drinks- It all depends on the category we're talking about. If we're talking about a regular thirst quenching type of drink, I'd go with a good lemonade on a hot day. Nathan's lemonade is my favorite as it's not too sweet, not too sour. Really the right mix is everything. I also enjoy drinking water with lemon although it took me many years to get to that point after fighting it for so long. Along those same lines, my favorite alcoholic drink is probably a Long Island Iced Tea. Some people think this is a rather strong drink given how much alcohol it contains, but it all depends on whose making it. If they make it right, it's rather tasty. A good Corona Light ain't too shabby either. Nor is a nice glass of wine.

Favorite Bands/Songs- Another category that has changed with the tide, I still have a soft spot in my heart for many artists that are no longer on the top of the charts. Bands/singers like Jude Cole, Jellyfish, Huey Lewis and the News, Rick Springfield and Squeeze would definitely make the list, among others I'm sure. Currently I'm really digging people like Rilo Kiley, Pink, Justin Timberlake, Saving Jane, One Republic...

Favorite Memory- Now that I've been alive thirty plus years I have to say that I am definitely the kind of person who subscribes to the "don't know what you got till it's gone" school of thought. I mean I suppose I kind of knew what I had, but I'm a nostalgia freak all the same. I have so many great memories for different reasons, but my favoritest memories probably revolve around my youth, under the age of eleven, growing up in the eighties. Attached to that time are so many people, places, movies, music and television memories, too. If I hear a song or see a certain person, the memories come flooding back. One one hand I love that feeling, on another it reminds me of how much time has transpired.

Favorite TV Shows- Over the years this answer has changed a lot, but one thing that never seems to change is that the shows I seem to enjoy the most often are the ones that end of getting canceled. It's disappointing really to the point you think I wouldn't keep on trying, but somehow, someway I do. My So-Called Life is probably the best example of this, but there have been many shows that fit this description since then (Once and Again, Cupid, Relativity, American Dreams, Life Goes On...I could go on and on actually). So I suppose it should only seem fitting that my current favorite show is Friday Night Lights, a show that may or may not return. I also love October Road which probably isn't far behind FNL but without the huge fan base to keep it afloat. I also love Monk but that's probably the only hit on my list, besides some reality guilty pleasures and things like that, of course. Really this is an abbreviated list. If you knew me you'd know that was true. It's really a post in itself.



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