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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Write Back Weekend "You Can Tell Everyone, This Is Your Song"

This Write Back Weekend response is a week late and a true answer or two short, but finally posted nonetheless!

Soon after I posted last week's TITMT question I realized that it was a mistake. Okay, maybe calling it a mistake is a mistake in itself. Basically I realized I was painting myself into a corner regarding the whole "write back" aspect. I mean I've had a year or so to think about the songs that are special and significant to me. I don't know why I thought thinking about it for another six days or so would bring me to a solution.

I also appreciate and respect the fact that some of you delicately pointed out no one can make this decision for me. This is something I knew already and know will work out in time, but it's just that picking ONE song is such a hard thing to do for me. This is for a variety of reasons. One, as anyone who knows me knows, I have a massive musical collection. So the same thing that applies to life also apparently applies to wedding song selection. Sometimes less is more.

Just the process of finding someone to play music at the reception was difficult for me. The only thing that was easy was having faith in knowing that I wanted a DJ. The reason behind this was simple, I didn't like the way most wedding bands I had heard sang songs I otherwise loved. Why sit there wishing it sounded like the original when you could have the original itself? That coupled with the fact that the cost of a GOOD wedding band can be insane, especially here in New Jersey. Only one time during this whole process did I feel a twinge of regret about not going with a band. That was the day I was at a bridal show where an excellent band was playing. They probably could have changed my mind. Then again, if I knew their prices, I think I would have gone back to being happy about my original decision.

Having a DJ is actually a bigger deal to me than it is to most. After all, the DJ company is full of professionals who know the music everyone wants to hear the most at weddings, right? Wrong, at least in my book. That's because I hate, hate hate attending weddings where every song is so played out. If I never hear Celebration or Mony, Mony again in my lifetime, I think I'll be just fine.

The same goes for organized dances. Call me a curmudgeon, but I detest them. But as everyone has delicately pointed out to me, many guests love them so my compromise is we'll do one, but no one is dragging me on the dance floor to participate. In fact, I think that's a good time for me to take a bathroom break, don't you?

I simply feel there are just so many good songs out there, many that are good enough for a wedding in fact, but never got their fair shot. So I want to add some good songs that everyone knows to the mix, but songs they most likely didn't hear at the wedding they went to the weekend before.

Which brings me to my first problem, our wedding song.

I have a very hard time choosing a first dance song because we want to be very careful not to pick something that's been played out. Also at hand, is the type of song itself. We have toyed with going non traditional and doing something more upbeat but still romantic like Dean Martin's "Ain't It A Kick In the Head". I am going to play that song, somehow, someway, but if it was a first dance song we'd need a routine to go with it.

As some of you have pointed out Organized Wedding Dances are all the rage right now. Interestingly enough an organized "fakeout" dance like the one in the link was exactly what we were planning on doing all along. In fact, we were seriously thinking about doing this so much that when this video leaked on You Tube, my fiance was highly disappointed that someone thought of it first. Now we know there are people who are going to think we are copying dances like these if we went this root, depsite our best efforts to explain that we're not.

So what's the final result? I don't know. There are no easy answers in this post. Instead it's just an opportunity to vent. Of course when we do ultimately select it I'll be sure to fill everyone in on what we chose. You're all part of the process now after all. Short of inviting you to the wedding, it's the least I can do.



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