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Monday, April 28, 2008

Don't You Forget About Me

I haven't had the time (and technically, I still don't) to update this blog as things have gone from busy to busier but I did want to swing by and let everyone know the bullet points of why I've been MIA. I also intentionally have Tell It To Me Tuesday on hiatus because I realized I didn't have the time to respond and it was lame just posting questions without contributing, so I decided to put everything on hold temporarily. The site will still be updated from time to time, it's just that it will happen when I get the time, if you catch my drift.

Here's a brief overview of what's been happening in my neck of the woods...

1. Wedding craziness has gone into full swing. Like someone once said, the devil's in the details. He's also apparently, involved in wedding planning, but I digress. I have more I could say about the wedding specifics but I've been weary not only because of time, but because of who might read the blog. This has held me back from sharing a few stories which is a shame because I know y'all would enjoy reading them. One day though I hope to fill you in on some of the details, if not all of them.

2. My priest, the guy who is marrying us, had been MIA for awhile, but has resurfaced. No explanation has really been given as to where he was or if he was indeed anywhere which doesn't exactly sit right with me, but at least I believe he's back so I'm trying to be positive.

3. Our third grade show is coming up again soon. The good news is I came up with the theme this year. The bad news is I gave all my good ideas away and I'm not sure what to do. Our theme is a mock career day. I can't decide on a career although I'm leaning towards medicine and of course, using songs surrounding that. Of course costumes are a concern that I haven't wrapped my head around either. Any suggestions within this theme are more than welcome. Our show is in the beginning of June.

4. My mom just had her 3rd round of chemo and has one more treatment to go. She's doing well and her spirits, for the most part, remain upbeat. After that ends it's on to radiation. She doesn't feel so hot a day or two after the treatment, but otherwise she's been able to live her life as close to normal as possible.

5. My second student teacher finishes up in a few weeks. You'd think I'd have more time on my hands having her around, but I don't. Most days I feel like a glorified secretary trying to get all the paperwork done and I'm STILL not ever satisfied.

6. My fiance's house went on the market for a second time a little over a week ago. Thankfully he received an offer this time quite quickly due to a combination of things including better timing, a better agent and a better overall showing for the home. He signed the papers today which is great news and if all goes well through the attorney review process, he could close on the house the end of June. What this means for us is that we can finally step up the process of looking around for a new home to live in. If we play our cards right, we can be in the new home by July in time for the wedding in August.

So that's a quick overview of what's been going on in my life. I want to know what's going on in all of yours so if you get to me before I get to you, please drop me a line letting me know what's happening on your end and pointing me directly to any juicy entries you want me to read. Remember, I'm still here, just trying to "get by"!



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