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Saturday, June 28, 2008

When It Rains, It Pours

I know it's been awhile (two months to the date exactly, though not on purpose) but I wanted to take advantage of the quiet hours of the morning and try to write an update on how things are going. I also want to visit those of you who have taken the time to visit me. Unfortunately, I fell out of the loop even with that since the server that sends my email, Go Daddy, fills up from time to time, yet never tells me I've reached capacity. It's up to me to realize that I haven't been getting messages to that address for awhile in order to make something happen.

1. The wedding- The good news is, the priest did eventually resurface. The bad news is that there never was an explanation to his absence. I ended up emailing the website where I found him and relaying my concerns. They sent him a message cc'ing me and suddenly, lo and behold, he started responding. No sorry, no this the story...NOTHING. After a few more attempts, he did eventually send a few links about ceremony specifics like I asked but the problem with that was that by the time he finally did send them, things were busy again and I didn't have the time to devote to reading them. I also feel a bit perturbed that I'm basically choreographing the whole ceremony by myself. It's a pretty daunting task if you ask me, and thus why I'm dreading diving into it.

2. Wedding Part #2- There are a few other things that still have yet to be finished for the wedding. One thing is the music. I have to make a final appointment with the DJ, only problem is we have yet to pick out the songs we want to use for the important moments and don't want to use at all, period. Something like that is a bigger deal to me because I'm such a music buff. It's on the agenda for this weekend. I'll let you know how it goes.

Also needing to still get done is all of the men need to go and get fitted for their tuxedos. We went to the preliminary appointment and picked out what we want, but the men (including the groom) have to go now and formally be measured. Along with this a few of my girls haven't had their fittings for their dresses yet. One lost a lot of weight and just waited because of it, the other is now pregnant and needs the dress taken out and yet another is just lazy it seems, period. A few other things that are in progress are gifts for the attendants and finishing registering for the honeymoon online.

The final wedding related snafu are the invites themselves. Our response date is July 1st and we still have a good amount of people who have yet to respond either way. In fact, three of those people are the groomsmen (which instills such confidence for the big day, doesn't it?) I mean technically I suppose you could say we could count them as yeses, but are they coming with dates or wives? One wouldn't know. Also awkward was the fact that my principal and vice principal were invited out of courtesy. The principal said he was coming, yet never formally responded and the vp said nothing at all. (although I found out after writing this that he told a co-worker of mine who asked if he was going that he doesn't think he was invited which who knows what's going on with that) Nice huh? Welcome to the wonderful world of inconsiderateness by way of wedding planning!

3. School- The third grade show, for better or worse, went off without a hitch. We did do a mock career day and I ended up choosing the career of medicine. The kids pretty much choreographed themselves because I was shot. I put them into groups of four and they told the story, through songs I spliced together, of getting sicks to getting better (Tossing and Turning, Bad Medicine, Doctor Pressure and then I Feel Good).

Otherwise, school was crazy the last month or so, but what else is new? I had one kid who was absent pretty much the entire month of June after being absent numerous times before that. In the end, he was out a total of 54 out of 181 days and as it stood, we did not retain him. The justification was that the child is actually pretty bright so another year in the grade wouldn't do him any good. In fact, even with all of those absences he still managed to nearly score advanced proficient in both the NJ ASK Language Arts and Mathematics. Still the fact that the school did NOTHING otherwise really gets to me and is a major concern. Also if he does return next year, what sort of message does that send to the rest of the kids that he still managed to move on? He should have been retained on principal of the fact that no child should miss that much school, period.

One final note on school and then I'll move on. In the last few weeks, as if there wasn't enough already going on, my principal approached me about moving my classroom. I would still be in third grade, just in a smaller room down the hall with less kids, 15 being the maximum (right now my class list is at 12). He justified the move based on the fact that he observed my teaching and heard enough through the grapevine about the types of students I typically get (those who can't or won't do anything) and he wanted to offer me a change of pace. He told me to consider it an "early wedding present". While the move itself is meant to be a good thing, the physical aspects of the move are what killed me. So the last few weeks of school I tried to move what I could to this new room as I'm not sure when or how I'm going to get in over the summer.

4. Moving- Which leads me to the next topic, moving. My fiance successfully sold his house. He moved out officially this week and closed on Friday. We are now in the process of closing on the house we found together. Right now our closing on that house is mid July which is good in terms of timing and gives us a few weeks to get in before the wedding, but connects back to why it's so hard to figure out a time to get into my classroom with all the other moving going on.

5. Mom- Finally, I want to thank all of you for your wishes and prayers for my mom, especially since y'all don't even know her. She's doing well, the chemotherapy is over and now she's in the midst of radiation. She has to do that every day *excluding weekends) for 6 weeks which concludes right at the end of July, right before the wedding. She still has some small side effects be it from the chemo or radiation itself, and sometimes her spirits get down with all that has been on her plate, but overall she really has done a remarkable job. The radiation is nothing compared to the chemotherapy either and she's happy because her hair is slowly starting to come back in. Adding insult to injury is the fact that my mom turns 65 this year and her health care coverage switches over next month which, as some of you may know, that dealing with health care providers is never a smooth process. Overall though, she's hanging in there.

So I think I touched upon all the major things going on in my life for now. Suffice it to say I'm definitely not ready to be promising posting on a weekly, or even regular basis, but I will try to take some time this summer to pop in more here (and there) to see how everyone is doing. Thanks again for remembering me and AOGB!



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