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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Point of Know, Return

Well hello again from blog purgatory! I'll go ahead and state the obvious and say it's been too long. In fact, you know it's been awhile since I've been to my own blog when I forgot how to log on. Man, that's pathetic. At first I thought everything was gone, and then I realized I was just logging on wrong. Now all systems are go again, sorta.

For starters, I want to wish anyone who still subscribes to this blog or even those few and far between passersby a happy new year. I cannot believe it is not 2009. I can still recall 1989 like it was yesterday, but I digress.

Although I always have the best of intentions to more regularly update this blog, life has managed to intervene over and over. I've tried to figure out what the old blogging me did differently in order to have more time. My job didn't change. I don't commute to my then boyfriend, no husband's place anymore. I should have more time, in theory, but the fact still remains- I don't. Even now as I type this there are a dozen other things I should be doing that keep me in a constant state of guilt. It's a sickness, really.

The truth is that my time is just distributed differently. Now I have a house of my own to cook, clean and shop for. I also have a further commute to work each day. By the time I get home and cook and exercise etc, I just don't have the time, or energy, to blog. Actually that's given me a newfound appreciation of all the bloggers out there who do just than and still manage to take care of things like animals and children. How do you people do it?

There also comes a point where you know you've been absentee for too long so it seems next to impossible to catch up. Where do I begin when it comes to answering comments, visiting blogs or even writing posts? There are always things going on, always more to say, but as time passes on what seemed like a good idea for a blog post initially begins to lose its luster.

Thankfully I have reconnected with many of you in a much more manageable way, through the wonders of things like Facebook or My Space. I find it much easier, much less stressful, to log on to something like Facebook each day and leave a comment here or there. It keeps me connected, but doesn't feel like a chore. Blogging regularly would feel like work now and I just don't have the stamina for the job as I did in my "youth". If there's anyone I missed adding by the way, let me know and I'll invite you (or the other way around) into my other little corner of the online world.

So now I'm going to do something the long winded me rarely does, I'm going to end this post here and now in an attempt to keep it short and simple. Now I'd like to go visit all, most or perhaps more realistically, some of you and see how things are in your neck of the woods. I still have three and a half days though before my winter break is through, so I hope, now that I've gotten the awkward reconnecting post out of the way, to add something more creative and AOGB like to the mix. Wish me luck and I'll see you on the other side!



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